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Di Pinggir Hati 2 - Kisah di Turki

No of Episode : 5

Duration : 1 hour

Language : Malay

Target Audience : General Audience

Genre : Drama

Generic Synopsis

Sasha, a Singaporean girl, devides to go on a soul searching trip in Turkey. She meets apainter, Ferhat, and his pilot friend, Taufik. Ferhat courts her and helps her recover from her previous break up. She soon develops feelings for Ferhat, who feels the same about her.

However Ferhat's mother is against the relationship. She is under the influences of her neighbour, Aylin, who obsessed with Ferhat. As Sasha falls in and out of love again, Taufik empathizes with her misery and thinks he can be more than a friend to her.

Would Sasha be able to see through the mist hovering over her future and eventually find her true love at the other end of the world?