Monstrou Studio is a Singapore based TV production and distribution house that strives to contribute innovative ideas with the latest technology to the world.

Monstrou's key strengths lie with our very own In-house team with capabilities in both video / film media as well as in 3D animation production allowing full use of the two mixed media.

Monstrou is the only animation house in Singapore to own and operate our own Motion Capture (MoCap) facility. MoCap has been used in the production of our full 3D animated series - "TRITANS 2".

Skyshakers Tetamu Masjid - China Salam Ramadhan - Australia Salam Ramadhan - Thailand Salam Ramadhan - Spain. Stay tuned for more updates. Halal Galore - China : Thirteen different cities, one halal food journey Di Pinggir Hati - Kisah Di Turki Hands of Love - Talkshow Tritans 2 - The Quest of the Power. Stay tuned for more updates. Vicon Motion Capture System @ Monstrou